Good People

How Rescue Dogs In Ohio are Helping Veterans

In central Ohio, an organization called Pets for Heroes, has made it their mission to train rescue dogs to become companion dogs for veterans who suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
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The Amazing Story of Ghost

Hailley Buckley got a call one Friday evening during a hurricane that was hitting the Southern United States, including Hailley’s hometown in Alabama. It was from a friend she hadn’t heard from in a while.
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Customer Spotlight: Tracy, Thelma & Louise

A dog is a companion for life and will come into your life in different ways. Sometimes dogs come into your life when you need a friend and other times people come into dogs’ lives when they need them most. Just take Tracy Dietz and her sweet dogs, Thelma, and Louise, for example.
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Dog rescued by US Coast Guard

No one’s sure how Cash the dog got lost in the middle of the ocean, but fortunately the US Coast Guard was able to rescue him after he may have been paddling desperately for half an hour. The rescuers pulled...
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