Customer Reviews

“Big Barker beds are a game changer for large and giant breeds. There aren’t any other products available that even come close to the quality of these beds. The dogs love them, which makes me love them even more!"
"Charlie is loving his new Big Barker dog bed! 👏 We decided it was important for Charlie to have a quality bed right from the start! He loves the extra space to spread out on and all the cushion!"
​​"We fell in LOVE with the Big Barker bed! I’d be lying if I said Mickey and I haven’t napped on it ourselves. Not only is it big enough to fit all the dogs, but it’s also super high off the ground and VERY comfortable."
"We’re traveling in style this trip with our new Big Barker SUV bed!! The pups are loving it! We have enough room for our stuff and then both of them fit perfectly on the bed!! Our pups love traveling so I know this makes it even better!"
"Not only is the quality of the Big Barker products amazing but the customer service is too. Big Barker has been so friendly & gone above and beyond! If you are thinking of investing in one of the beds, I would highly recommend buying from them! They are an investment for your dog's life."
"Roo has had 4 knee surgeries so having a bed that is comfortable is super important for her! Both of my dogs sleep like rocks on their Big Barker bed!"
"This big guy is loving his new Big Barker dog bed! The covers are machine washable so it makes cleaning a breeze! The mattresses also hold absolutely NO odors (seriously like magic) and they do not go flat-they stand behind their products and have a lifetime guarantee! And it is made here in the USA!"
"Leroy loves his Big Barker bed. The orthopedic qualities are like no other dog bed that we have ever tried!"
"The Big Barker is worth the cost as it helps prevent and improve your big dogs’ joint pain and stiffness, especially during aging. With its 10-year guarantee, it will last a lifetime, making it a one-time purchase. In the long run, you will spend less than buying other poor-quality beds that need constant replacing."
“Gus has a bed that will support his joints for years to come. It’s safe to say that he is a very happy boy!”
"Winnie knows it’s a good day when we get to take the Big Barker bed outside! Thank you Big Barker for making a real bed for big dogs, proven to improve her quality of life. We couldn’t be happier with our new giant Big Barker Bed."
The Big Barker bed is a HUGE game changer for my paralyzed Great Dane. It gives Olive the chance to roll around and wrestle with me and other dogs without falling on the hard floor! It gives her enough space to flip herself from side to side without falling off too! She typically does not flip to her weak side often, but she does on this bed!
Big Barkers were created with big dogs in mind in order to protect their joints and have a bed large enough for the biggest dogs.⁣ This mammoth of a thing is a new favorite in the house, even for the humans. And as you can see, there’s plenty of space for the entire family to snuggle on it!
"Arlow and Finn sleep so much better on their Big Barker bed. The Big Barker bed supports their big bones and keeps them feeling happy and healthy!"
"Honestly wish we’d found out about Big Barker a couple months ago because this giant mattress bed would have been perfect during Bear’s surgery recovery but he’s enjoying it now all the same! They’re specifically designed with dogs like Bear in mind so it really is perfect for him. It’s SO thick, it’s genuinely more comfortable than my own mattress!"
Bailey has loved her Big Barker bed from the very beginning! She sleeps ALL night and stands up so much easier now. It has been absolutely perfect for her as she ages.
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"Since our new Big Barker bed arrived duke has not wanted to get off it! It’s comfy enough for me to sleep on too!"
"After using our Big Barker for one week we noticed a huge sleep improvement! Lily sleeps much more soundly through the night on the Big Barker bed. Lily is too comfy to even bother chasing those squirrels in her dreams now! 10/10!
"This Big Barker orthopedic bed was the perfect choice. We finally have one big enough to fit all of them because they insist on cuddling even though they each have their own beds!⁣⁣"
"This Big Barker Orthopedic Pillow Dog Bed has been a total game changer! (Our trip was over 4,000 miles total… so you could say we put it to the test.) It hasn’t lost its thickness AT ALL, even after getting washed. The top part is a therapeutic comfort foam, and the bottom is a sturdier shock-absorbing foam. Thank you, Big Barker, for giving us a first-class experience in the car!"

In Depth Reviews

"This company took a problem that big-dog parents are all too familiar with, and created a bed that eliminates pressure on joints!"

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"Any company that stands behind their products for 10 years definitely deserves my attention."

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"Joint health issues can go undetected until they are so evident that they may be irreversible. The support and the lasting comfort that the Big Barker can provide is worth the money over time."

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“The 7-inch Pillow Top Dog Bed by Big Barker isn’t just our top pick; it’s a favorite of experts and pet parents worldwide.”

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"The Big Barker bed is just the thing for your old or ailing gun dog"

“I’ve had it over three years now and it has not shifted, sagged or become misshapen in any way. It’s basically the Tempurpedic of dog beds.”

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"Big Barker is known for making high-quality dog beds — particularly for large and giant breed dogs."

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"Big Barker is the real deal. It's comfortable and doesn't lose shape no matter how many of us pile onto the bed."

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"It’s widely considered to be the best dog bed for giant and large breeds, as its packed with quality layers of foam that other beds can’t even hold a candle to."

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"The Big Barker bed showed zero signs of significant pressure anywhere along the dog’s body."

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"Studies have shown that by using Big Barker orthopedic dog beds, there were significant reductions in joint pain and stiffness."

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"Explicitly designed for giant breeds, it’s a contender for the best dog bed for senior dogs with arthritis."

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"After having the two Big Barker dog beds and my dogs using them for about a month, I can honestly say I believe these are the best dog beds we’ve ever had for our dogs."

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"Looking for a high quality orthopedic dog bed? Big Barker Dog Beds are a great solution."

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"The bed has proven to be all the company states it is, and Autumn is definitely sleeping better and waking up happier.  We’ve even noticed her running more in the yard."

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"We have probably washed our Big Barker Dog Bed covers 35-40 times and they still look like they are brand new."

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"This is the bed of all dog beds."

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Video Reviews

“This was hands down my absolute favorite thing I bought when we adopted these puppies, best $400 spent. They love it!”

“As our dogs started getting older, we noticed that they had hip issues and were slowing down…so Big Barker was the solution. They absolutely love it and I’d recommend it to any pet owner.”

"I could not be more thrilled with this Big Barker. It does not sink, they're not touching the floor, they have the utmost quality of support for their joints. The proof is there - do your dog a favor and check out Big Barker."

“We are here to tell you how much we love our mattress, our Big Barker bed...We absolutely love this, all three of us can get on it!”

"Big Barker beds are the first beds that he has not walked around with and shredded into a billion pieces. It's nice and sturdy and is the only thing he'll lay on besides my lap."

"I can tell you your dog is not going to bottom out in this thing. There is definitely some high density foam in here!"

“Rusty loves Big Barker and so do we...matches our furniture & is very comfortable”

"As he gets older I just want to make sure that he's comfortable and that his hips hold up, so I thought it would be a good investment. He loves his Big Barker bed!"

“We’ve got a big 70lb lab, so we switched to Big Barker…it’s nice and big, has an easily removable cover, and we want our dog to live a long and happy life.”

“We couldn’t be happier, the dogs love the bed. The very fact that I can lay on it or sit on it comfortably is remarkable in comparison to traditional beds you’d find at your big box stores.”

“We bought a Big Barker bed and we have been thrilled with it. Becher loves it...clearly sleeps very well on it”

"Ever since we upgraded to the Big Barker bed, he does not limp like he used to, he does not like groin like he used to, he’s having a much more restful sleep since we switched.”

“She has arthritis a little bit, and sometimes it's a bit hard to get moving, but since we got the Big Barker bed... she doesn't have any of those troubles anymore."

"This is orthopedic foam and what that means is that...this bed is supporting me, I'm up off the floor and there is still inches of foam between me and the floor."

"We decided to get the Big Barker bed because we think it's a great investment for the long run. With a big dog you want them to have a stable place to lay with the support they need."

"Boulder loves how big it is and how much support it provides him. And Bailey loves that there is room for her too!"

"We decided to get Tazer his Big Barker bed after trying for three years to find one that would fit him. It's big enough for me, him, and his two sisters that like to cuddle with him."

"We bought the Big Barker because we wanted our older man to have lots of support for his joints & bones. He absolutely loves it!"

"We bought it for her a few months ago because she's a big girl. The other beds she had flattened out after 6 months or so. The Big Barker is staying strong and sturdy for her. She loves it so much, so we bought her a second one!"

"Definitely do recommend this to anyone who may be looking to make a purchase. As you can see, my dog Lexi absolutely loves it!"

"She has bad hip dysplasia and arthritis, so we got her a Big Barker bed. From the second we've unwrapped it, she's stayed on it. Thank you for such a great product."

Your Dog Loves it...
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Eric Shannon, Founder

"I trust this bed with Spike's health. Try it for a year. If you don't feel the same sense of pride as I do when you see your own dog resting peacefully on their new bed, let me know, and you won't pay a penny."