Paws of Honor - K9 Bubba & Jonathan

Bubba is a 12-year-old retired Military Working Dog. She was trained in San Antonio, TX before being assigned to a navy base in the Middle East. 


Bubba was an explosive detection dog in the Middle East for 9 years. She was assigned to Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain and served her entire time in the military there. Aside from her duties as a member of security, Bubba had a way of raising morale anywhere she went. She always put a smile on everyone's face, no matter how hot or miserable conditions were. She still has this effect. 


Being that NSA Bahrain is the headquarters for the Navy's Fifth Fleet, there was a constant need for explosive detection capabilities. This kept local enemies at bay as well as deterred any terrorist activity from threatening the security of the headquarters and its interconnecting installations.     

She has several medical issues. She has hip dysplasia, lumbosacral disease, spondylosis, and severe arthritis.  


She loves to go to the park and roam around off leash. She loves to eat anything and everything that she possibly can. Her favorites being broccoli and blueberries. Often, she enjoys sunbathing and relaxing in the yard. I think this reminds her of her previous home in Bahrain.   


Bubba would most likely not tell the world anything, but she would certainly ask many questions. For instance, "are you going to finish that?" (referring to food), "has anyone seen my toy?", and "can you drive me to the park?".  

Now, Bubba is apart of the Paws of Honor program, which helps to support retired working dogs!

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