The Best Dog Day Ever!

A couple months back, we got an interesting offer. We got the chance to partner with the Dodo for the Best Dog Day Ever, a month-long event designed for dogs and their pet parents to have the best day ever...
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Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Your Big Dog

Big dog owners know that it’s a challenge to find good-quality products that can stand up to the rough and tumble ways of big-breed dogs. Larger, more powerful jaws can easily chew through flimsy dog toys in a matter of...
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Chinese Dog Products—Will Your Dog Be The Next Victim?

Ever since the scandals in 2007 and 2011 involving Chinese-made pet food and treats that killed thousands of dogs and cats, vigilant pet owners have avoided Chinese dog food like the plague. Some of America’s favorite brands—such as Iams, Purina,...
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