Good Dogs

🏅Cole the Deaf Dog — An Official Good Dog

Cole started out life in as a deaf puppy in a shelter waiting to be adopted. Now, he's a certified therapy dog who spends his days helping everyone he meets! Read on to learn more about our newest Official Good Dog.
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Shelter dog finally gets adopted after 7-year wait!

Sandy, a pitbull-boxer in Indiana, had been living in a shelter longer than any employee had been working there. It took her 7 long years, but she finally found her forever home with the Rhodes Family!They visited Sandy a dozen times...
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Meet the Dog Saving Koalas in Australia Brushfires

This video features the incredible dog who has already rescued 15 koalas injured in Australia’s bushfires. This little dog is so energetic and eager to please! It is obvious that he is loved and appreciated for his skills. It is amazing...
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Meet Ella — an Official Good Dog! 🏅

We'd like to introduce you to our newest Good Dog Gold Medal winner, Ella. This award is presented to dogs who perform acts of kindness, bravery and loyalty.🏅And, Ella is one very brave dog.
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