Good Dogs

Meet the Three-legged Therapy Dog Helping to Heal Others

  Jeannie is a three-legged special needs therapy dog that has been trained to spread joy to children, veterans, the elderly, and special needs people as well. Her good nature and calm demeanor captivate everyone that comes into contact with...
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Rescue Pitties Are Obsessed With Their Veteran Dad

Noah and Lincoln are two adorable pit bulls that share a special bond with their veteran owner and his wife. Not only are they super playful and attached to their family, but they also have a soft and calm side as well.
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🏅Cole the Deaf Dog — An Official Good Dog

Cole started out life in as a deaf puppy in a shelter waiting to be adopted. Now, he's a certified therapy dog who spends his days helping everyone he meets! Read on to learn more about our newest Official Good Dog.
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