K9 Buddy- Paws of Honor

The goal of Paws of Honor (POH) is to provide veterinary care and products at no charge for retired military and law enforcement K-9’s across America that have served our country, locally or globally. Retired K-9’s deserve accessible, high quality veterinary care in return for their commitment and sacrifice for our country. The monetary burden associated with veterinary care should not fall on the shoulders of the officer/handler/owner once the K-9 has been decommissioned.

Buddy is a retired K9 who is being featured this week from Paws of Honor for all of his heroic acts!

1. What type of work did Buddy do and what makes him special? K9 Buddy was raised and trained in the Puppies Behind Bars program, which is a program that allows incarcerated persons to raise dogs to be used in law enforcement as well as service dogs. K9 Buddy and his handler, David Orr, served with the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office located in Virginia, as an Explosive Detection K9 team from April 2012 until his retirement in April 2016, when Buddy began to suffer from seizures. Shortly after his retirement he joined the Paws of Honor program and now attends events to help raise money for the non-profit. During his time working, Buddy kept the citizens of Loudoun County safe as well as assuring the safety of visiting dignitaries to include former President Obama, Joe Biden and many members of Congress.

2. Does Buddy have any health issues himself (arthritis, joint predispositions etc). 
Buddy turned 12 in January 2022 and is beginning to show his age. After many years of service and jumping in and out of vehicles his rear hips have begun to become an issue for him. He currently has trouble getting into a vehicle without assistance and can no longer get up to his favorite spot on the couch without help. He takes supplements for his joints and a therapeutic would go a long way to helping him with his quality of life.

3. What are some of Buddy's favorite things to do? 
Buddy loves to go outside and sniff everything, and I mean everything in the yard. He loves playing with his little sister Chloe who is also a Lab.

4. If Buddy could tell the world one thing, what do you believe it would be? 
Buddy would tell the world to be kind to each other. We are all on this ride together.

  • Buddy likes that his new bed does not slide out from under him when he gets up, unlike some of the bargain beds out there. He also loves how big and comfy it is. He enjoys sleeping with his head resting on or against something, so the built-in pillow is great for him!

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