Good Dogs

Woman Never Stops Trying To Rescue Sweet Dog Chained To A Tree

Time and time again, a woman saw a beautiful dog chained to a tree and was concerned about her safety, since the poor pup had no food or water in it's dish. The woman knew right away that she had to help the poor baby, since no one else was, including her negligent owners.
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Meet Ella — an Official Good Dog! 🏅

We'd like to introduce you to our newest Good Dog Gold Medal winner, Ella. This award is presented to dogs who perform acts of kindness, bravery and loyalty.🏅 And, Ella is one very brave dog.
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Adorable Pittie Copies Everything His Parents Do

Bronson loves to be around his humans, whether it is in the morning while they are washing at the sink or doing their morning exercises, Bronson is right there to lend a helping hand, er, paw! Watch this sweet video of him!
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Pittie Who Was Shot Lives Like A Princess Now

This beautiful, beautiful dog named Cricket is now living a life of joy, love and happiness after having been shot by some awful human being. It is wonderful to see that she gets another chance at life after being found...
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