Good Dogs

Deaf Dog Inspires Couple to Save More Dogs Like Him

This video is an inspiring story about a dog named “Nitro”, who was deaf and has managed to learn sign language from his owners, including performing tricks on command. The family that adopted him taught him sign language and it...
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Dog No One Wanted Gets The Absolute Perfect Mom

Every dog deserves a chance to be loved. A sweet and caring dog named Beaux happens to have a oddly and different shaped face. Lucky for him, he gets a second chance after being found neglected in a backyard. His...
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This Pittie's Perfect Smile Got Her Rescued

Lady Shortcake the precious pit bull shatters all stereotypes about her breed and has the world’s happiest smile. This is the reason that the family adopted her…her smile is what drew them to her. Her sunny disposition makes people around...
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