The Dobie Sisters' Review of Big Barker Beds

We gifted our friends, The Dobie Sisters, a Big Barker bed for their fifth birthday and they wanted to share how their bed has been helping them. As big dogs, Griffin and Boston are more likely to suffer from problems in joint mobility and orthopedic health. This has been a priority for their mom, Rory, especially as they’ve gotten older.

Watch the video above to see what Rory has to say about the University of Pennsylvania’s clinical study, which was conducted to see how Big Barker beds impact large breed dogs living with arthritis. 



Wonder how a clinically-proven dog bed can help your dog? Learn more here.


About The Dobie Sisters

The Dobie Sisters, Griffin and Boston, are two rescued Dobermans who are always going on adventures all over the Blue Ridge Mountains. Keep up with this crew on their Instagram and blog! They have great articles about product reviews and beautiful pictures of their travels!




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