Big Dog Mom’s In-Depth Video Review of Big Barker Beds

Stephanie, AKA Big Dog Mom™, has been educating and entertaining big dog lovers through her blog and community as she strives to help large and giant breed owners take the best care possible of their furry companions. Check out her extensive review of Big Barker beds to see if one may be right for your dog.  

At the end of the video, she breaks down her overall rating of Big Barker Dog Beds and we hope you agree! We’d like to thank Big Dog Mom™ for taking the time to make such an amazing video and Sulley and Junior for being such great demonstrators! Check out her full blog post here!

About Big Dog Mom™

Her two Mastiffs, Sulley (5 years old) and Junior (3 years old) have required lots of attention and love, and how could you not love those sweet faces?

Big Dog Mom

Stephanie was worried about her dogs joint health, especially when she would see them sprawled out on the hard ground. She began looking for a bed that could support her dogs — each weighing over 200 pounds. Luckily, Stephanie found Big Barker beds which not only give Sulley and Junior a comfortable place to sleep, but ensure they never feel the hard ground underneath them.

Junior and Sulley on Big Barker bed


Sulley and Junior have been using their Big Barkers for more than 5 years to help support their joints as they nap.

If you’re interested in additional information or advice from Big Dog Mom™, be sure to check out her blog or subscribe to her YouTube channel! From helpful articles about feeding to training to health, she has lots of resources available and is sure to help you and your big dog!


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