Adventure Rig’s Review of Big Barker Beds

Our friends at Adventure Rig, Cally and Hank have had their Big Barker for awhile now and wanted to share how it’s been going. Hank is seven years old and Cally noticed that he’s been sore after long hikes and walks and seems stiff in the morning. But never fear, Big Barker to the rescue! Cally mentioned that the support a Big Barker bed has to offer is just what Hank needs. Make sure you stay until the end of the video, where Cally talks about all the benefits of Big Barker Dog Beds


We’d like to send a big thank you to Adventure Rig for taking the time to make this great review! Check out the full blog post here!


Hank on his Big Barker


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About Adventure Rig

Adventure Rig is just that, all about adventure! Tyson, Cally, and their dog, Hank, share their adventures exploring North America. From hiking and RV-ing to mountain biking and even flying, they’re doing it all!


Adventure Rig


Adventure is always around the corner for this trio, but Hank’s old bed wasn’t helping him to get the rest he needed to keep up. Cally and Tyson could really see Hank starting to slow down especially after a day full of activity.  Hank weighs about 90 pounds and needed a bed that could support him (and his love of sleep)! Now with a Big Barker, Hank is more comfortable than ever and better prepared for all the adventures to come.


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