Top 10 Travel Essentials for You & Your Dog’s Next Trip

Summer is here which means it’s finally time for fun trips and vacations! Whether you’re planning a road trip or going to a far off destination, you can’t forget your canine companion’s essentials! We asked the Big Barker community what their top ten travel essentials are, and here are their answers.

1. Towels

If you’re planning a trip to the pool, lake, beach, (or any other body of water) towels are a must! 

Dog Drying Off with a Towel

2. Waste Bags

No matter where you are going, waste bags are necessary. You may even want to consider using waste bags options that are eco-friendly. Companies such as MOKAI create compostable and biodegradable waste bags that make cleaning up easy and eco-friendly.

Dog Waste Sign

3. Lots of Treats 

Treats are an important thing to pack for any trip. Treats are a great way to keep your pup entertained and rewarded for good behavior. Our community specifically singled out Peanut Butter as one of their favorite treats! We also create a list of the Big Barker Community’s favorite dog treats if you need other ideas for your next trip!

Dog Treats 

4. Collapsible Bowl & Water

Rather than bring a bulky bowl that will take up precious space, a collapsible bowl will ensure your pup is hydrated and minimize storage. The Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl is a great option for big dogs.

Dog with a Collapsible Dog Bowl


5. Window Cleaner and Paper Towels

Window cleaner and paper towels are essential for getting droll marks off the window.

Window Cleaner and Paper Towels

6. Life Jacket

If you’re planning a trip where your pup will be swimming, a life jacket may be a good thing to pack. Life jackets can help your dog if they are not confident swimmers or still learning. It will also be helpful when you’re trying to spot your dog in the water. For large dogs, the Kurgo Surf-N-Turf Red Life Jacket is a great option to keep your dog safe while they enjoy the water.

Dog with a Life Jacket

7. Toys

Toys will be essential to keep your dog occupied on longer rides. You should also check out the Top 10 Favorite Toys as voted by the Big Barker community. For car rides, toys that keep your dog’s attention without distracting you are great, such as Nylabone Chew Toys or Mammoth Cottonblend Knot Dog Rope Toy.

Dog on a Toy

8. Extra Leash

Sometimes you may have a forgetful moment, so it’s important to pack extra essentials. An extra leash can be a lifesaver if you misplace your pup’s leash.

Dog on a Leash


9. Medications

Perhaps one of the most important items on this essentials list is your dog’s medications. Always be sure to double check that you have packed all of your dog’s medications so they don’t suffer during the trip.


10. Backseat Barker: SUV Edition

We may be biased but the Backseat Barker SUV Bed is a great road trip essential. The Backseat Barker: SUV Edition is designed specifically to cushion dogs’ joints from all the bumps in the road, from quick turns to uneven road surfaces, which can make a long summer road trip downright uncomfortable for our canine companions. Thanks to Life with Two Danes for this amazing picture! Be sure to check their Instagram for other amazing pictures!

Backseat Barker: SUV Edition Bed

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