Favorite Dog Treats of 2021

Dogs love a lot of things but not much lights up their faces like their favorite treat! Here are the Top 10 Treats of 2021 as voted by the Big Barker Community — did your dog’s favorite make the list?

1. Pre-Made Dog Treats

Dog with Peanut Butter Treat
Store-bought treats came in at #1! Some favorites were:


These treats can have lots of benefits with training, teeth cleaning, help with chewing, or mental stimulation.


2. Carrots

Carrots are a great snack for your dog as they are a great source for vitamin A, fiber, and are good for your dog’s teeth too! There are lots of fun recipes where you can work carrots into your pup’s diet with biscuits too.


3. Ice

Crushed ice can be good for pups on a hot day to help cool off and keep them hydrated. Just be careful about making sure your dog doesn’t choke on the ice cubes.


4. Popcorn

Plain air popped popcorn can be a fun snack for pups too!


5. Cheese

Cheese Board
Cheese can be a great snack for dogs in small quantities since it is high in fat. Some types of cheeses your pup may enjoy include cheddar, mozzarella and cottage cheese.


6. Mini Cucumbers

Mini Cucumbers
Cucumbers are a great snack for a dog since they are low-calorie as well as low in sodium and fat. Another major plus is that cucumbers are actually a good way to help control stinky dog breath too!


7. Pup Patty from In-N-Out

This secret menu item is a fun treat for your pup while you’re out at In-N-Out. This treat is a plain, salt-free burger patty just for your pup. There are some other cool restaurants that have special food for your dog such as Starbucks with the Puppuccino, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Pooch-ini from Shake Shack, and many others. Just check out the list,


8. Ice Cream with Peanut Butter

Ice Cream with Peanut Butter
There are special brands that make ice cream for dogs or you can even make it yourself with some great recipes from


9. Peanut Butter in a KONG

KONG toys are a great choice for enrichment activities, mental stimulation, and controlling chewing. Plus there are lots of fun ways to fill up your pup’s KONG toy, just check out some of these recipes and other fun ideas.


10. Chicken Feet
Although it may sound weird for us, chicken feet can be a great snack for your pup.


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