Top 10 Toys of 2021: Voted by the Big Barker Community

Does your pup have a favorite toy? it could be a toy they always carry around, one they've had since puppyhood or a toy that just makes their face light up whenever they see it! We surveyed the Big Barker community to find the Top 10 Toys of 2021. Is your pup's on the list?

1. Jolly Ball

    This durable toy requires no inflation, is easy to clean, works for several different activities and provides hours of fun. Not only was this the top choice among our community, we also love that it's made in the US.

    Jolly Ball

    “His jolly ball even though it is a horse toy” -Chey 

     2. The Planet Dog Orange Squeaky Ball 

    This squeaky ball gets high praise for its durability as it’s designed for serious chewers. Owners love that it’s infused with a minty scent to freshen your dog’s breath as they chew. Another fan favorite made right here in the US.

    Plant Orange Squeak

    3. KONG Cozie™ Elmer Elephant

      The KONG Cozie™ Elmer Elephant is a great toy for softer chew sessions and indoor fun thanks to the extra layer of strong material. It’s great for snuggling and playing too!

      KONG Elmer Elephant


      4. Globlet Pig Squeaky Dog Toy

        An awesome toy for a pup that loves bacon! The Globlet Pig Dog Toy will give your pup hours of chew-time! The latex material makes this toy easy to clean and since it is a soft material, it’s great for gentle chewers and dogs of all ages.

        Squeaky Pig Dog Toy

        “Reggie loves his squeaky pigs!” -Janice

        5. KONG Wubba™

          This toy is awesome for interactive and solo play time. The long tails are great for tugging or fetch too! This toy is super durable and very unique in shape. Plus with the fun squeaky noise, your pup will have countless hours of fun!

          KONG Wubba

          “Skeeter loves her Wubba.” -Darleen

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          6. Nylabone Chew Toys

            This is a great toy for chewers! With lots of different options, this toy would be perfect for your pup!


            7. CHUCKIT! Ball

              This toy is easy to clean, super bouncy, and with these bright colors they’ll be easy to spot. They’re great for fetch and will keep your pup interest!

              CHUCKIT Ball

              “Clyde loves the CHUCKIT erratic ball and the CHUCKIT whistler ball.” - Karen


              8. Mammoth Cottonblend Knot Dog Rope Toy

                A great toy for playing with your pup with the added bonus that the rope fibers floss your dog's teeth while they play. This toy is built for chewing, especially for puppies!

                Rope Dog Toy


                9. Frisco Plush Bear Dog Toy

                  This cute teddy bear has a built-in rope and squeaker to make sure your pup is ready to play! When the fun is over, this soft toy is perfect for snuggling too.

                  Teddy Bear

                  10. Hot Dog Plush Toy

                    A great gift for the top dog!

                    Hot Dog Dog Toy

                    “Zuke loves his hot dog lol” - Candy


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