The Most Rewarding Part of Being a Dog Owner

There are parts of being a dog owner that make life hard, but as pet lovers, we believe that the good outweighs the bad.. We decided to ask our community what their favorite part of being a dog owner is. We looked through all of the loyal pet parent’s answers and found some of our favorite responses. Be sure to join our community on Facebook and Instagram to give your input on these questions and see cute pictures of dogs daily!


Unconditional Love

Woman and Lab

Dogs are best known for the unconditional love that they give. Among the surveyed community, this simple and pure response was the top answer for the best part of being a dog owner. Dogs are truly amazing creatures and the love they give creates one of the most incredible feelings. When you know the love of a dog you have truly felt unconditional love. It is a very special feeling to love and be loved by your heart dog. 


Always Together

Mastiff and Woman Sitting on a Big Barker bed

Sometimes at night you might think you hear an unfamiliar noise, only to look over and see your dog’s reassuring eyes, gazing at you to make sure that you are safe. How great is that feeling? Having a dog always by your side is a great reward for being a dog owner. Having a dog poke their head up when you call their name, when you get home, or just to see what you’re up to is a great feeling that melts the heart. One community member shared that their dog is the reason they know to take a break from work and play. 


Snuggles (on a Big Barker bed)

Snuggling on a Big Barker Bed

Although children grow up and the snuggles begin to cease, with a dog, that’s never going to be a problem! The endless cuddles are definitely a big reward of being a dog owner. Even though you may get covered in dog hair, the love and bond that you create are well worth it. In fact, according to several studies, cuddling a dog is great for your mental health. According to TheHill, “Physical touch with a dog, including tummy rubs, ear scratches and nuzzles, provided students a greater mood boost than other interactions, researchers found.” 


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Growing Together

Dog Learning

Watching a dog learn a new trick or any new skill is always exciting and an amazing experience. Investing in helping your dog grow and learn new things is something that you will not regret. When you spend time helping your dog become a better citizen, it also helps you become a better person. Growing and changing for the better together was a popular answer among our community members. In particular, one community member noted that when they see their dog’s reaction after they have learned something new, they feel warm and bubbly, noting they felt their dog was thinking, “I got this.” 

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Forever Friends 

Hanging out with your dog

Having a friend that will love you regardless of what you do (and without judgement) is a great reward of being a dog owner. A dog will be your best friend forever.

Dogs are always there for their humans. Many would even argue that a loyal dog would sacrifice its life for it’s human. Similarly, we love our dogs with everything in us as well. The love we share and bond we create between human and dog is irreversible. Not very often can you be positive that you are gaining a forever friend, but with your dog you can be certain. 



A man with his puppy

The most important and obvious answer, EVERYTHING! Being a dog owner is a constant reward from the unconditional love and friendship to the cuddles. We all can admit that we wouldn’t be who we are without our dogs!! Thank goodness for our dogs!


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