Thanksgiving Contest: Winners & Honorable Mentions!

For Thanksgiving 2017, we asked our fans to post a special picture of their dog or dogs that shows why they’re so thankful for their best buds. The pet parent posting our favorite big dog photo won a Big Barker of their choice, and our favorite little dog pic won a Barker Jr! We got so many cute submissions that we thought we’d share the honorable mentions along with the two winners.

It was a tough decision… did we make the right choice?

Big Barker Winners: Stephanie & Harley!

german shepherd

“My gorgeous German Shepherd, Harley, is 9 years old. He’s the love of my LIFE!”



Honorable Mentions

Kara & Sherman

dog sticking tongue out

“This is Sherman. He’s 12 now… Has arthritis but his little sister Agnes helps him stay active. A Big Barker bed would help his old joints!” 


Teresa & Hambone

rescue dog
“Meet my pup Hambone. Hambone will be 7 on Nov. 29 and was a rescue from a high kill shelter out of state.”


Regina, Cheech, & Snickers

Chow/Shepherd mix and Shih-Tzu

“Cheech, left, our 9-year-old Chow/Shepherd mix, & Snickers, right, our 12-year-old Shih-Tzu, waiting on treaties.”


Jan & Shyloh

Great Pyrenees

“My sweet baby Shyloh.”


Sam & Banner



Ruth & Pack of 5

huskies and Dalmatian


Jeri & Pack of Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees


Becky & Gizmo


“My baby boy Gizmo is 11!!! He’s my whole world…This is his favorite time of the year!!”


Karen & Edsel

saint bernard

“Edsel is a 41/2 yr old Saint Bernard from Ohio. Edsel lost his human dad in September 2017. He misses him!”


Donna & Dexter

american bulldog

“This is Dexter, he’s a 10.5 month old American Bulldog and already weighs 72 pounds. I found this guy not long after my old Boston Terrier bff passed away. I cried everyday looking at puppies because I missed Rocky so much and needed a new buddy. I happened to see a pic of a brand new litter of babies that looked just like baby Bostons, but were Am. Bulldogs, did some research and decided to go for it. I found out Dexter was born the same week Rocky had died and when he was finally ready to come home, I knew pretty quick that we were meant to be. He’s been the best dog. Easy to train, loving, playful and I’ve never seen a dog happier to see me when I come home, (and I’ve had 2 forever dogs in my life already!) I think he deserves a Big Barker bed because he’s still got a lot of growing to do and a long life ahead of him and I want him to be healthy, happy and comfortable! Plus, maybe with a fantastic bed, he’ll stop trying to break the recliner!”


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Barker Jr. Winners: Cinde & Tito!

chihuahua wearing glasses

“My Tito—he is so funny. I had just lost my Boo. She was 17 and he came into my life to ease my broken heart . Boo will always be a part of my heart, and Tito just made my heart bigger.”



Honorable Mentions

Megan & Aggie


“Our girl Aggie! She is the love of our life and everyday is an adventure!!!”


Kara & Agnes

german shepherd

“This is Agnes. She is about 40lbs of energy! Extremely athletic… And of course she’s just adorable too.”


Stephen & Friend


“Arctic chihuahua”


Kara & Toby

senior dog

“This is our sweet Toby. It’s hard to believe but he’s 17 years and 5 months old. He deserves a Big Barker bed… after all he does sleep just about all the time.”



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