Dog Fighting and the Power of Forgiveness: The Story of King Edwin

Edwin is a pit bull that came from the worst of the worst of situations. Held captive by a known dogfighter, he lived in horrendous conditions alongside other dogs who were tortured and forced to fight in order to earn their right to stay alive. When Edwin was rescued by the Chicago Police Department and Animal Crimes Unit in 2015, he embarked on a journey that would change his life—as well as many human lives—forever.



Right from the beginning, Edwin was a favorite among those involved in his rescue due to his incredibly loving demeanor. It was hard for anyone to fathom the sweetness of a dog who had endured the hells of dogfighting and abuse, but Edwin won everyone over immediately.

It has taken over a year for Edwin to physically heal from a multitude of ailments. Emotionally, he has been a healer for those who meet him, proving just how resilient and loving some of dogfighting’s victims can truly be.



Edwin’s forgiving and jovial persona has inspired humans to get involved on the prosecution end to assist those who are referred to as “Court Case Dogs.” Unbeknownst to most of the general public, dogs seized in dogfighting and drug busts were previously held as evidence and then euthanized once the cases had been tried and convicted. Edwin’s abuser drew national attention as Edwin’s photos and story impacted social media, and the case has drawn more individuals to aid in the complicated process of bringing abusers to justice.

Headlines that include the words “pit bull” are typically followed by a story that casts pit bulls in a negative light, and positive pit bull press is scarce. Edwin is an ambassador for the majority of pit bulls who are just as loving—if not more loving—as any other breed.

Dogfighting is an issue of epidemic proportions and can happen anywhere—not just in big cities. Please share Edwin’s story and help spread awareness so that we can work towards ending the suffering of these beautiful and loving dogs.




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