10 Sleepy Pups That Will Make Your Day

Having a stressful week? Just need an extra dose of cuteness in your life? Here are 10 perfectly sleepy pups enjoying their Big Barker beds — enjoy!

1. This golden retriever looks so sweet!

golden retriever


2. What a handsome German Shepherd catching some Z’s

german shepherd


3. This Black Lab is looking very comfy surrounded by stuffed animal friends

black lab


4. Two cuties sharing their bed for nap time

sleeping dogs


5. This pup is getting the chance to spread out on his big bed!
 sleeping dog


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6. This St. Bernard is loving his headrest and getting some well-deserved rest

saint bernard


7. This Mastiff has perfectly accessorized their Big Barker with a pillow! 



8. This sweetheart is all tucked in and looking adorable

sleeping dog


9. What it looks like when you let every bit of stress just melt away
 sleeping dog


10. So cute! The ground must have some added comfort

sleeping boxer 


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