Happy Transformation Tuesday!

Like cheese and wine, dogs get better with age. Just look at these pups! Some of them have grown up with their owners since they were a puppy, while others have grown up after being adopted and brought into their forever home. Check out these amazing transformations of these dogs from their younger selves.


Adopted dog

We adopted Fenrir from our county animal shelter and we were drawn to him because he was the only dog completely uninterested in the people walking by and his sign said “special needs.” When we asked about him, we discovered that in the two plus months he had been there we were the only people to inquire after him, and his special needs status was due a bad leg from an unknown trauma. We ended up adopting him and it took nearly six months to get him completely healthy. He was 15 pounds underweight (normally weight is 60 pounds), and less than a week after adopting him he came down with pink eye, but he also came down with Kennel Cough. Top two pictures are the shelter and first week while the bottom two are recent pictures.




My baby Synyster! I got him at just 7 weeks old and he just turned 11 on November 17! He’s the absolute best part of my life



Mastiff mix

Milo the Mastiff Mix: 10 weeks old on the left, 2 years on the right. 20 pounds to 160




Everest our happy Newfoundland



puppy transformation

Rory, 8 weeks versus 3 years.



Boston Terrier Boxer mix

Piper was a rescue and when we got her at 16 weeks old. We were told that she was a Boston Terrier mix so we thought she would be a small dog. Turns out she is mixed with Boxer and she grew to be 55 pounds! But she is such a sweet, smart, girl with a big, deep bark. And she is a very fast runner!



Golden Retriever

3 months old to almost 3 years old!


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dog transformation

Gruffydd at about 9 weeks old in the first and now at 20 months old.



chocolate lab

Mac at 8 weeks to 13 months



German Shepherd

Ajax, the sweet German Shepherd, over the past 10 years



puppy transformation

Ellie 9 wks versus 3 yrs 


bernese mountain dog

What a sweet Bernse Mountain Dog! These pictures are four months apart. He just turned six months old and he’s getting a Big Barker Bed for Christmas.



Such a sweet pup with an amazing transformation!


puppy asleep

All sweet and snuggled up over the years


great dane

Look at this stretch through the ages!



Such a cutie!


stretching puppy

Still looking for the perfect stretch!


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