Little Pittie Puppy Is Determined To Run On His Own

Cowboy is an adorable white pit bull puppy, who was born with no control of his hind legs. He was fortunately given a second chance at life by an amazing foster! The first step to helping him was through acupuncture, and already by the third session he could move his tail! He was also given a wagon, which was used as a wheelchair. At first, he was not pleased with this new unfamiliar thing, but before long he loved it because he learned he could now run!

Over the next three weeks rehab was proving beneficial, which included swimming and obstacle courses. Building his hind leg muscles allowed him to start walking again and then eventually running. The foster family loved him so much, they decided that they would likely keep him! His determination and willpower is incredible to see and will likely inspire anyone who loves dogs and has a heart for man's best friend!


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