Big Barker’s Chat with the Radio Pet Lady

Did you hear? Big Barker’s founder, Eric Shannon, recently sat down with Tracie Hotchner, founder of the Radio Pet Lady Network™ and host of Dog Talk (and kitties too!) 


Listen to the Full Episode Now. 


Tracie, a self-described “dog bed junkie” and Eric, the creator of the only dog bed clinically-proven to improve big dogs’ quality of life, took the opportunity to talk about their shared love of dogs and dog beds! Tracie shared that after she got her Big Barker she noticed a real difference in her dog’s day-to-day life. She explained that she’s had problems in the past with orthopedic beds that weren’t able to support her dog, Maisie, causing her to just sink to the floor. Plus, with Maisie’s recent surgery, she needed serious support during her recovery. Check out the full interview here!


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We’d like to send a big thank you to the Radio Pet Lady Network™ for taking the time to talk to Eric about Big Barker beds! You can read more about Tracie and Maisie’s Big Barker experience here!


About the Radio Pet Lady Network™

Tracie Hotchner


The Radio Pet Lady Network™ was created by Tracie Hotchner who created Dog Talk (and Kitties too!) specifically for pet lovers! In each episode she talks with top pet experts or veterinary professionals about issues that matter to pet parents. 


Tracie has two weimaraners and the Big Barker bed has been a game changer for her pups. Her first weimaraner, Lulu, is particular about her beds and her second weimaraner, Maisie, recently had her second ACL surgery. This painful surgery made a Big Barker bed a necessity and provided her with all the support she needed as she recovered.

 Maisie on her Big Barker bed before surgery


Check out Tracie’s radio show and blog to get great advice on a range of topics. Her podcasts are available on her website or on iTunes. She’s also super active on social media, so be sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter!


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