After 11 Years Missing, a Stolen Massachusetts Dog has been Reunited with its Owner

11 years after disappearing, a Yorkshire Terrier named Rex is back at home with his family. In April of this year, animal control officer Michelle Carlos spotted Rex running loose, so she scanned his microchip and contacted his owner, Marzena Niejadlik.

According to a Facebook post by the Stoughton Police Department, "On Wednesday afternoon Animal Control Officer(ACO) Michelle Carlos responded to a loose Yorkie running on Record Street." The post continued, "The Yorkie had not been taken care of. ACO Carlos fed him, gave him some fresh water and a good bath. She then checked for a microchip and it revealed his name is Rex, he is 12 years old and belonged to woman named Marzena out of Boston."

Rex and his owner thank the animal control officer

"ACO Carlos calls Marzena and explained that she had Rex. Marzena, shocked to be hearing from ACO Carlos explains that Rex had been stolen from her 11 years ago in Boston," the post details. Carlos and Marzena met at the Police Department and reunited this sweet dog with his family. "She was just overjoyed and in disbelief that I had her dog," Carlos explained. 

Marzena said that, "We were really hoping that would, one day, happen, and finally, it did." Rex was only a puppy when got out by mistake one day and was unfortunately taken from his family. They looked far and wide, but nothing turned up for years until the call from Carlos. "It's hard to believe. You eventually have less and less hope with every year," Niejadlik added.

Rex poses for a picture with his owner and the animal control officer

Rex originally joined the family after a family loss. "It was sudden and unexpected, a huge tragedy," Niejadlik explained. "We were all devastated, and I kind of was thinking that maybe getting a dog, and especially a Yorkie, will maybe bring some cheer into our family."

Following his return, Rex was treated to a "day of beauty." The Police department stressed how important the microchipping technology was in this case, allowing for a quick and easy return. We are so happy this pup has made it back home!

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