Loyal Dog Helps Rescuers Locate Missing Owner in Texas

A dog is being hailed a hero after helping rescuers locate their missing owner this past week. Sherry Noppe went missing on May 3rd, 2022 while on a walk with her dog, Max. Noppe was recently diagnosed with Dementia, and was missing for three days before being found. 

Max the hero dog

In a post on Facebook, Constable Ted Heap was, “relieved to report Sherry Noppe, missing since Tuesday, has been found in George Bush Park. She was located at approx. 3 am Friday by a group of tireless volunteers and deputies who were alerted by the sound of her dog, Max, barking in the woods.”

It is believed that Noppe wandered on the trail, but stayed in relatively the same location during the search. She went missing in George Bush Park, a 2,700 acre wooded area in Katy, Texas. Rescuers were able to find her as they turned off their ATVs and heard Max barking. Once they located Max, he led them 50 to 100 yards off the trail to Sherry. She was treated for dehydration and minor cuts and bruises. 

Sherry and Max walking on security camera

"She's doing surprisingly well for how long she's been out there and the conditions that we were expecting," Noppe's daughter Courtney said at a press conference about her mother's rescue. 

Sherry Noppe

Her son Justin added, "That dog had no leash, no collar, and stayed by her side for three days, and that just shows you the loyalty the dog has.” Max was in good health following the rescue, but was taken to the veterinarian just as a precaution.

"He saved her life," Courtney said, and her brother Justin added, "He's our hero."

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