Dog Missing for Days Found in Cave and Led to Safety with a Sausage Roll

Dog is saved after falling into a fissure while on walk

After days of missing and being presumed dead, a dog is back at home with his family all thanks to a sausage roll. Henry was walking with his owners on a trail when he suddenly went missing and could not be located. They feared that he had fallen down a fissure on the South West Coast Path in England.

Rescuers tried to find the dog when the pup initially disappeared, but searches and drone flyovers by where Henry went missing turned up nothing. He was believed to be in an area known as The Strangles. Two days later, someone reported hearing dog barking and the coast guard was able to locate Henry alive 20 feet down a fissure in a cliff. Rescuers repelled in the fissure to save the pup with one important piece of equipment, a sausage roll. 

Picture of the fissure that the dog fell into

"Once set up, a cliff technician was sent down to retrieve Henry with half a sausage roll and some treats," Boscastle Coastguard told SWNS about the incident. "After about 30 minutes of shuffling and squeezing and some lassoing, we managed to get a lead around the dog and pull him up to safety to the obviously overjoyed and happy owners."

The rescuers used the sausage to convince Henry to join them on their way out of the cavernous space. The pup was lifted out and reunited with his family where he is doing well following the endeavor. 

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