Is CBD Oil Good for Dogs with Dementia?

Is CBD Oil Good for Dogs with Dementia? Dr. Stephen Cital answers:

CBD oil is particularly interesting for the aging dog or doggie dementia, just like it is in people. I think it's really interesting. I picked up this book recently, and it talks about CBD or cannabis products for people with Alzheimer's, cancer, and dementia-like effects. So I certainly think that we can see some good uses in those cases.

Anecdotally, I have friends that do have dogs that are a bit older. We had the classic story of he's not acting like he was when he was a puppy or when he was a mid-aged adult. He's more snippy with me, or there have just been some significant behavioral changes. My friends that have put their dogs on cannabis products, CBD Teamsters, have seen some relaxation of some of those unwanted behaviors.


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