Is CBD Oil Good for Dogs With Cancer?

Is CBD oil good for dogs with cancer?

Studies suggest CBD oil may help dogs with cancer

That's to be determined. We do have studies, at least in mice, where topically-applied CBD tinctures or salves can be used on mast cell tumors, and it reduces the size of the mast cell tumor or cures it, which is super crazy and interesting.

It reduces pain and in some cases proliferation of cancer cells

We know that it can certainly help with decreasing the proliferation of certain types of cancers. It's certainly good for relieving pain associated with cancer. We know that for sure.

The big question is how CBD oil interacts with other drugs

I think the only concern is if that patient is already on chemotherapy drugs, how will these particular products work or interact with those chemo drugs? I think that's our biggest concern right now. At higher dosages, we can see some possible immunosuppression, so if they're on a chemo drug already, which is a lot of them are immunosuppressive, we could potentially be making that worse for the patient.

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Shannon Wells

Big Barker's Marketing Director