Is CBD Oil Good for Dogs in Pain?

"CBD oil, I believe in my opinion, and research, is good for dogs in pain."
- Dr. Stephen Cital 

Why is CBD Oil Good for Pain?

CBD is an Anti-Inflammatory

We know it's an anti-inflammatory, and inflammation is what causes pain. We know that it allosterically binds and modulates the mu and the delta receptor. We have yet to come up with an opioid that works at the delta receptor, which is interesting because our body naturally has these things called endogenous opioids that work on these receptors.


CBD Oil Affects Pain Receptors Differently

One of the most potent receptors that we have for relieving pain, like during childbirth or when you're in a fight and you're still not hurting even though you have a big black eye, is working on that delta receptor. And we know that CBD is working at that receptor, which is super interesting. Then, it's also working at a new receptor that a lot of pharmaceutical companies are trying to take notes and find drugs to work on called the TRPV1 receptor, which is called the vanilloid receptor.


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