Unboxing An XL Big Barker For Lolah & Kimbo

Siblings Kimbo and Lolah are both six-years-old and are three-and-a-half months apart in age. They came into the lives of Yesi and her husband, Abner, because, as she says, “we have a love of the American Bully breed” and knew they wanted to bring two into their lives and their homes and they did just that. Yesi’s husband met and fell in love with Kimbo, and brought him home with a card tied to his collar that read, “Hi Mommy, I need a name.” He was an”only child” for a little over three months before Lolah came into their lives. “We visited the kennel and saw this little pup who kept making all of this noise and squealing as it stumbled over to us,” Yesi wrote in an email interview. “She was a sweet little girl who instantly captivated us and became our beloved Lolah.” The connection between Lolah and Kimbo was immediate. “They joined souls as soon as they met and have been best friends and are inseparable,” she wrote.

As you can see in the unboxing video, Lolah and Kimbo spend their days together and are happily sharing their new Big Barker.

The two have different personalities, Yesi says, but they balance each other out. “Kimbo is a very calm, mushy and love-needy dog while Lola is an active, happy, spirited girl.”

big dog

Big Barker note: As a trusted reviewer, we asked Yesi how she came to invest in a Big Barker for her #bigdogs and she shared, “I was on the market for a new bed for Kimbo and Lolah since they are getting older and as with many large breeds, are prone to certain joint ailments. After having tested and reviewed several memory foam and orthopedic dog beds which I wasn’t content with, I learned about Big Barker through Amazon. I began doing my research to see if it was worth the investment and am so glad I made the decision!”

In case you missed it, here is a video of Bishop and the unboxing of his Big Barker.

If you want your own Big Barker bed like Kimbo and Lolah, click here to learn more.

Photos supplied by Yesi. Kimbo and Lolah meeting for the first time and Kimbo and Lolah “smiling” for the camera.
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