Good Dogs

K9 Spotlight: Lt. Roca & K9 Canto

As told by Lieutenant Roca K9s are a good vehicle for public relations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the street just doing a walking patrol, and somebody that maybe doesn’t like the police opens up...
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K9 Spotlight: Corporal Meik & K9 Zeke

In this week’s K9 Spotlight, Harrisburg PA’s Corporal Tyron Meik shares the harrowing and incredible story of how his partner Zeke was shot in the line of duty—and not only survived, but returned to work just 6 weeks later. I...
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Detective Woodring & K9 Loki

Check out our latest K9 Spotlight story featuringDetective Dennis Woodring and K-9 Loki ofDauphin County, PA. “It was a Sunday in April of 2014. I was at home and we had been called to a large fire in Susquehanna Township...
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Do Dogs R.E.A.D.? Some Dogs Do!

Liz (owner): After Coco and I completed the therapy dog training classes and workshop with New York Therapy Animals and became a registered and insured therapy animal team, I felt that we both had the temperament to work with children—Coco...
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K9 Spotlight: Officer Brodt & K9 Gibbs

Jason Brodt & Gibbs Head Trainer of the K-9 Unit for the St. Paul Police National President of the United States Police K-9 Association I’ve been a canine handler for 16 years. As the National President of the United States...
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Paying it Forward: The Story of Steve & Service Dog Charlie

It’s hard to put into words how meaningful and strong your connection to a service dog is when you rely on him to have your back all day, every day. When a dog is the one who picks you up when you fall, you develop a bond that most people will never understand.
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K9 Spotlight: Officer Stenseth & K9 Dex

    Dex’s bread and butter is tracking—he’s a very good tracking dog. Last year we got called to a township just to the north of us for a missing five-year-old who walked away from the house while the parents...
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Noah the Blind Rescue Dog Stands Up to Bullies!

Noah was born in California to a back yard breeder. He was saved from certain death by Jasmine Gabay Kimball and Saving K9 Lives Rescue. Noah was born without eyes and has deformed back legs due to second generation inbreeding....
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