Trapped Stray Dog Lands Their Forever Home

Niq, an sweet Chihuahua stray, was unfortunately the victim of an attack by a pack of animals. To escape, the injured dog ran and hid under a nearby vehicle, not letting anyone go near him. Neighbors saw him under there, then called Logan's Legacy Dog Rescue to help.

Suzette Hall, the Rescue's Founder, raced to the California neighborhood as fast as she could to assist. “He had a pretty bad wound,” Hall explained. “He had to have emergency surgery.” He was quickly taken to Camino Pet Hospital, where the team treated his immediately upon arrival. 

Unfortunately, when Niq awoke from the surgery to repair the wound, something still wasn't quite right. “After he got out of surgery, he started acting super, super sick,” Hall said. “Then, he tested positive for parvo.” He would now have to fight a highly contagious virus on top of recovering from the wound.

The entire team at the hospital was there every step of the way to help Niq fight the virus. One of the team members even developed a special bond with him. “She would go and sit with him every day after work,” Hall said. “She fell in love with him.”

The Vet Tech then came to Hall with an idea. She wanted to take Niq home with her for the weekend to allow him to heal in a more comfortable environment. “She’d offered to take him home for the weekend, but she couldn’t bring him back,” Hall said. “She said, ‘I have to have him. Can I please adopt him?’” Soon, Niq was officially adopted by the Vet Tech!


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