Senior Shelter Dog Receives Adorable Letter

Snoopy, an adorable senior pup, is catching the hearts of people around the country after spending almost two years at the Benton-Frank Humane Society (BFHS). Snoopy suffers from Cushing's disease, and thus he has yet to find a family willing to adopt him. 

“This gives him problems with his hearing and his vision,” BFHS volunteer Julie Saraceno wrote in an Instagram Reel. “He’s also a senior dog. Because of these things, he’s getting overlooked.” 

Snoopy recently reached his 600th day living in the shelter, so Saraceno posted about his experience on Instagram. “Even though Snoopy has been a shelter dog for over 600+ days, he still finds a way to smile about the little things,” Saraceno wrote. “He loves being outside and soaking up the sun, wandering around the play yard and sniffing ... the grass.”

Dozens of individuals around the country sent love in the form of toys, blankets, and even applications to the shelter. However, one gift stood out from the rest. A hand-written letter by an eleven year old girl named Emmy. The note reads as follows:

“Dear Snoopy, I’m wishing you [the] best of luck finding a home,” the note read. “I see you on Instagram, and every post makes me so sad because you deserve a loving home. [You’re] so lucky to be at such a great shelter, though. Remember that [disability] does not mean disposed [of]. Just looking at your face tells me [you’re] a kind soul. Again, I’m wishing you the best for the rest of your life. I wish I could adopt you myself, but I’m [an] eleven-year-old. [You’re] such a handsome boy, and I hope you like the stuffy and treats. Sending hugs, Emmy.”

Despite the applications, no one was able to meet the requirements because of his medical condition and he soon approached 660 days in the shelter. That is when Forgotten Dogs Rescue stepped in. They specialize in finding foster homes for dogs with intense medical circumstances, until a permanent home can be found.

Since making the move, Saraceno posted an update saying, “Snoopy is loving being in a foster home. He’s making himself right at home. And he’s catching up on sleep.” We wish Snoopy all the best in his treatment and in his search for his forever home!


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