Golden Replaces His Favorite Toy with a New Best Friend

Molson is a beautiful, lovable Golden Retriever with the most adorable best friend, a stuffed dog name Kelsie! He has carried it with him almost everywhere with him for the past two years. 

His owners, the Deverys, saw his attachment to the stuffed animal and were amazed by the love he had for it. Now that he is older, the family wanted to retire Kelsie, and replace it with his own real-life puppy, named Posie!

In the video below you can watch the first time the two meet! 


@_jas.._ Surprising Molson with his new sister Posie. Excuse how annoying my voice sounds. #puppy #goldenretriever #dogsoftiktok #hawaii ♬ original sound - ☆jasmine☆


Molson is clearly excited, waging his tail as he sniffs the pup. The TikTok video has gained over two million views with thousands of people commenting on how sweet and adorable the two are!


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