Longest Shelter Stay in Michigan Comes to a Joyous End!


After two long years, the wait is finally over! Kimmy Gibbler, a four year old pit bull mix, who broke the record for the longest stay at a shelter in Michigan, has officially been adopted!

The Humane Society of West Michigan (HSWM) shared the news on their Facebook page. Additionally, the provided an adorable picture of Kimmy and a basket of goodies for her new home. 

"Fantastic news! Kimmy Gibbler has been adopted! Kimmypalooza has been a success and Kimmy has found her new home," the Shelter wrote. "We would like to thank Kimmy's foster for housing her for the last two years, teaching her how to love, play, care, and be a dog. Kimmy wouldn't have found her home if it wasn't for you," the post continued.

Her new owners, named Jay and Carol Sherwood, heard about the pup and decided to go meet her in person. She was rescued from a dog fighting ring, but still bears the scars from her past life. When her story was originally posted on Facebook, she was described as "the most scared dog to ever come through" the facility.

Zoey Goehring, an employee at the shelter said that the scars were probably a big reason as to why she was struggling to get adopted. Despite this, Zoey says that Kimmy is an extremely resilient dog. "I don't think humans have treated her the best in the past, but she's so forgiving and is willing to show love," she noted.

Her new owners have joked about her arrival saying, "She came in like a tornado, and she hasn't slowed down since." After losing their previously dog, they were not even looking to get a new one, but Kimmy's story tugged on their heart strings. "I hate to even call her an animal. She's my girl," Carol said. "I believe in destiny. I feel like there were just too many coincidences that all came together … I think she was meant to be here."

The shelter launched "Kimmypalooza" to help spread the word about her predicament. "Nothing can stop Kimmy Gibbler from having fun! She's a tank when she plays — she'll do anything to catch a ball. She's an expert in acrobatics and doesn't mind diving for the ball," said one post.

"Kimmy's favorite playtime activity is fetch with a ball! Not any ball, though, she loves her hard rubber balls that she can chew and play with for HOURS! She will play and play until she's completely tuckered out," another post read.

All of the effort by the team at HSWM paid off as she is now in her forever home ready to live life to its fullest!


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