Dog Saved From Slaughterhouse Has Life Transformed

Bonnie, a two year old meat trade survivor has a new appreciation for life after being saved from a slaughterhouse by The Big 3 Rescue. After only one month in a foster home, she appears like a 'new' dog. The rescue recently posted a video showing her amazing progress!

The caption reads, "It's amazing what one month of love can do, thank you so much to our foster for taking such amazing care of our Bonnie girl. She has come so far because of you! Fostering saves lives!"

In the video, she can be seen being timid and scared at the back of a crate just after the rescue, but then in the next clip she is running joyfully through her foster home's backyard. She was just one of six dogs rescued from the facility. 

"It's hard to believe that she is so forgiving and sweet after we found her along with hundreds of other dogs at a Chinese slaughterhouse," Bonnie's profile on the rescue's site says. It is believed that 30 million dogs are slaughtered every year," according to the rescue organization. 

Now up for adoption, the site reads, "This sweet girl may have had an awful start to life, but we cannot wait to give her the brightest future." The Big 3 Rescue is women-founded starting in Florida, but since expanding to the U.K. 

Their mission is "to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs into loving and forever homes as a registered charity. We believe every animal deserves to be loved for their entire lives, and we vow to change the lives for the better of every angel we are able to help."


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