Service Dog Meets All Her Favorite Characters At Disney

Noodle, a four-year-old Service Dog, works extremely hard everyday to keep her mom Jacklyn safe! “She’s one of the most affectionate little creatures,” Jacklyn boasted. 

Noodle is always on alert for medical emergencies. She is very diligent and only rests when she hears the phrase "Go say hi!" Her mom explained, “I’ll say, ‘Go say hi,' and that’s how she knows she can go and get pet on."

When they visited Disney World on a recent trip, she got to meet a few extra special friends ready to give her all the pets! “As soon as she saw Mickey, she melted in his arms,” Jacklyn said. “She loves him so much.”

“At first, going to a theme park together was a little bit of a shock, but then she loved it,” Jacklyn said. “She gets so excited [about] going to any of her jobs.” Despite being on the job most of the day, she does get breaks to relax and rest.

“She usually gets so excited when we get in line for things because she knows it’s either a character or a ride,” Jacklyn said. “She loves to go on rides, and she loves meeting characters. If there’re characters out, I’ll definitely give her breaks to meet them as long as they’re open to it.”

“When Noodle sees Mickey … it’s all over,” she wrote on a recent TikTok. Even when she is getting all of the love and attention, she is still paying attention to her mom and ready to alert her. “She’ll alert me any time, even if she’s off-duty,” Jacklyn said. “She takes care of me, but I also want to take care of her as much as I can and give her as many experiences as I can."


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Noodle is also an exceptional teacher for young children about service animals. “Getting to see people watch her meet characters is also really cute,” Jacklyn said. “It’s an educational moment. I love hearing parents say, ‘That’s a service dog, she’s on break.’”

“Any time she can meet Mickey or any of his friends, she’s the happiest little pup,” Jacklyn said. “She deserves all the happiness because she does so much for me.”


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