Dog Goes Paragliding in the French Alps

A couple and their dog, Ouka, travel the world together in their van and once while staying in the French Alps, they embarked on the adventure of a lifetime! Waking up bright and early, Ouka and his owner prepared for the day ahead, which included a hike and paragliding down the mountain.

"As soon as Ouka sees me put on my shoes, he knows we are going for an adventure! I put the canicross harness on him and we hike slowly. This gives us time to warm up our muscles, and also … well … you know. Ouka has to do his business!" says Ouka's owner.

Once they reached the take off location, Ouka cuddled and greeted all of the other hikers and spectators, while his owner set up the gliders. Soon, he was placed in his harness, and ready for flight. "Ouka is super chill! After so long, it’s routine for him now. He’s never been afraid of heights. Even on the edge of a cliff, he loves to observe what’s happening below."

The pup even knows special commands like "'Take off.' This means he has to come between my legs and run with me. It helps me during the take off and it gives Ouka the possibility to run away if he doesn’t want to fly. When Ouka doesn’t want to do something (like take a bath!) you know."

Check out their video here!

They then begun to run, run, run, until suddenly they are soaring through the air. "We can see wild animals, other gliders and people hiking on the ground. Ouka loves to feel the wind in his fur. This is our happy place, in the middle of the mountains."

The pair flew through the sky, taking in the scenery for about 15 minutes before landing at the designated zone. "As I am cheering on Ouka for this nice flight, I am controlling the glider on the ground, and then it’s time for the big cuddle session! I remove Ouka from my carabiner and take off his harness. Then it’s time for another cuddle session and the joy is real. I think this is what having a dog should be — having fun with your best friend." 

Ouka was adopted by his owner after being abandoned and returned twice. Despite this, he was the beacon to his owner's life. "Before adopting Ouka, I was not in a good place — if not in the worst period of my life. I was suffering from depression for many reasons (covid, no job, no money, heartbroken). Adopting Ouka a year ago was a way for me to push myself to get out of my bed. Ouka doesn’t care if I’m sad or happy in the morning — when he wants to go out, you have to take him out!"


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