Shelter Dog Donates Blood to Save Dog in Need

Carlton, a Pit bull mix, is being hailed a hero after donating an emergency blood transfusion to another pup in need. Another dog, Breeze, desperately needed a surgery and Carlton came through to help save the day! 

Despite helping Breeze, Carlton is still searching for his forever family while at the Renegade Paws Rescue in Savannah, Georgia. According to Breeze's owner, the dog needed immediate exploratory surgery after they began bleeding internally. Renegade's Director, Jennifer Taylor, said that when Breeze came in, she knew Carlton would be the perfect donor!

"We knew that he'd be a good boy," Taylor detailed. "Some dogs aren't going to sit still while they draw a big syringe of blood. He's just a really sweet puppy." Carlton's blood allowed the surgery to take place by raising Breeze's red blood cell count and the internal bleeding was found and stopped.

The owner continued, saying we are "Very grateful to Renegade Paws Rescue and hero dog Carlton for the gift of blood and life." Both dogs have since recovered extraordinarily well! "He was a little groggy that first day, but he's actually really good now," Taylor said. "He's in good spirits; he's playing fetch in the yards and having playgroups with his friends."

Carlton, and his brother Anchor, came to the shelter in December of 2022 after a Good Samaritan found the dogs near a road. Both were extremely thin, and Anchor showed large wounds. They were then placed into foster homes to recover.

Carlton has always exhibited a sweet nature and been very sociable, but has yet to be adopted because of negative stereotypes about being a black pit bull. "It's very hard to get them adopted here," Taylor said. "People are afraid of them, and there are a lot of stereotypes that go on where the pit bull breed is concerned."

If you are interesting in adopting Carlton, visit their website!


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