Paws of Honor: K9 Maggie

Maggie got her bed and is LOVING it!!! 

Maggie is an 11-year-old chocolate Lab and is a retired Explosive Detection canine. 

Maggie worked at multiple airports across the country to help detect and deter explosives from entering our transportation systems. Maggie also deployed for special events like Super Bowl and Inauguration. 

In addition to detecting explosives on static objects such as bags, Maggie had a highly trained additional duty of detecting explosives on moving people. She was able to trail the scent of explosives in the air to locate the source of a would-be suicide bomber. 

Maggie is incontinent, has some arthritis and signs of hip dysplasia. She recently had one of her eyes removed due to cancer. 

Maggie loves being in the water. We live in San Diego, CA, and going to the beach or traveling to a lake is her favorite past time. Even better if there’s a boat! 

If Maggie could tell the world one thing, I think she would say to have fun! Even in retirement not a day goes by that she doesn’t pick up one of her toys and wants to play. We all need to find balance with working hard and playing hard! 

Maggie loves her Big Barker. The size allows her whole body to fit comfortably, stretched out, and still have total support. She doesn’t spill off it the way she has with other smaller beds. The overall thickness of the bed is nothing like I’ve seen in a dog bed. It makes me really happy knowing she is sleeping on a bed that is just as high quality and supportive as a human bed. Amazing! 

We are so grateful for organizations like Paws of Honor who help to make the lives of Retired Working K9's and their handlers better every single day!

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