Dog Gets New Lease on Life After Battle With Skin Condition

In Charlotte, North Carolina, Chrissy Elder works with the Forgotten, Now Family Rescue Organization to help overlooked stray dogs. A sweet, small dog named Piggy was one of the dogs who caught her attention. 

“He was so sad and in terrible shape," Elder described. Once Elder got him out of the shelter, he was taken to the Veterinary ER for five days. Piggy was suffering from a painful skin condition and needed treatment right away.

Piggy gets adopted by his owner

“He went to a foster home and received medical baths three days a week,” Elder said. “He also received two rounds of antibiotics to treat an infection.” With this new love and treatment, Piggy has begun growing back his fur and should have a full coat in no time. 

Piggy gets hugs from his owner

“We are seeing some cute little patches coming in now,” Elder said. “We do not believe he will be [in this condition] forever. He’s the sweetest baby.” Chrissy Elder continues, “He has no idea how mean the world has been to him. The first day, he did not even want to stand up. Now, he runs and plays. He is so happy with his little piglet-looking ears flopping in the wind and excited to meet everyone.”

Piggy smiles for the camera

Piggy is still looking for his forever home! One requirement: They must love his floppy ears. 

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