Stray Pregnant Dog Finds Her Forever Home

It was just a normal walk home one day when Karen felt that someone was following her. When she looked back, she noticed a nervous German Shepherd was shadowing her at a distance. “I wasn’t scared of her following. At first, I tried to get her to come up to me, but she was too scared. I sat on the curb and waited," Karen said.

Nala follows Karen

Karen later found out that the stray dog had been eluding everyone who tried to capture her for weeks. Despite everyone else's failed attempts, the dog felt safe around Karen and eventually trusted her enough to go home with her. “I was the first one she allowed close enough,” Karen said. “I am really amazed at how these things happen.”

Nala acclimates to Karen

Karen named the adorable pup Nala and helped fill the hole left by her previous dog who passed away in 2019. “Nala followed me and removed any fears I had [of] finally getting a dog,” Karen said. “Sometimes you have a situation you think you’re not ready for, and fate steps in and says, ‘Umm, yeah, you are.’” During this journey, Karen has made a video journal of the experience on her Instagram

Nala smiles in her new home

While Nala was getting acclimated to her new home, Karen noticed that she was getting very bloated and took her to the vet fearing the worst. It turned out that Nala was pregnant and ended up giving birth to eight healthy, happy puppies! 

Karen could never have anticipated the crazy road Nala would lead her down when they met by chance on a walk that day — but she would not have traded her experience, or her new dog, for the world. “All I can do now is make sure she’s safe and happy forever,” Karen said. “I saved her, but she saved me, too.”

Nala and her puppies

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