Deaf Dog is Rescued After Falling Down a 100ft Ravine

After falling down a 100 ft. ravine, a deaf dog named Hobo was rescued by the amazing people at the local Humane Society. He is an eight-year old Australian Shepherd, who was near the edge of his owner's property, when he fell down the ravine and landed in a thick bush. Hobo's owner, Julia Plant said, "He turned around to come back up the hill and lost his back leg footing. The next thing I know he went over backwards.” 

Hobo is rescued from the ravine

Lt. Clint Ganus, the incident commander with the Humane Society’s Rescue Team, said that his team set up safety lines to rappel down the ravine. “It then took five members to cut the dog out of the brush with a saw, in order to free him from the brush, before they could get him back up," Ganus continued. The ordeal took four hours. 

Ganus believes that because Hobo was deaf, it actually helped the rescue effort. “The dog just lay there because it couldn’t hear. It kind of worked to our benefit when we were having to cut trees.” Ganus added, “As soon as our rescuers got our hands on him he started wagging his tail, licking him and stuff like that. He knew we were there to help him not hurt him.” 

An overhead picture of Hobo being rescued from the ravine

Hobo was brought up safely without even a scratch on him. Hobo's owner said that they would be keeping him on a shorter leash going forward to prevent this from happening again. “The dog was walking around like nothing ever happened," Lt. Ganus said following the rescue. 

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