Dog Leads Her Dad To An Abandoned Puppy Sleeping In A Hole

Dogs always find a way to amaze us each day. Whether that be cheering us up when we feel down, lending us a helping paw, or alerting us during a bad situation, these amazing creatures make every day better.

Meet Cokie, a rescue pittie, who loves going to the dog park to play fetch and run around with her dad, William Thomas Green. Last September, during a normal day at the park, Green let his playful pup off the leash to roam freely, but  something immediately caught her eye. She bolted to the back corner and would not stop staring at her owner to come over and see what she had found. While dogs cannot speak to us, we always know when they are trying to tell us something, so without hesitation, Green ran over to Cokie to see what she was so concerned with. What he found broke his heart.  

"Cokie led her dad to a dog sleeping in a muddy puddle. The foxhound had been abandoned during the night’s storm and was so skinny and sick that she couldn’t even stand", says the Dodo.

Without hesitation, Green ran to his car to go grab this pup some food and water. How could someone abandoned their sweet and innocent pup? While it took her a little bit of time to trust humans again, once she had a little food in her system, she gathered the strength to get herself up and stand up. She knew she could trust Green, and would not leave his side. 

What seemed like any normal trip to the park, now became a day that a new pup would join his family. He named her "Lucky" (which is pretty fitting considering it was very Lucky that Cokie found her when she did). After getting her the proper care and medicine she needed from the vet, it was time to introduce this new addition to the family. They fell in love with her immediately! “They took her in, and she now weighs over 60 pounds and lives the happiest life of any dog you’ll ever meet”, says Green.

We are so happy Lucky has found her fur-ever home! Thank you to the Green family (and Cokie) for rescuing this sweet pup!


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