Woman Never Stops Trying To Rescue Sweet Dog Chained To A Tree

Time and time again, a woman saw a beautiful dog chained to a tree and was concerned about her safety, since the poor pup had no food or water in it's dish. The woman knew right away that she had to help the poor baby, since no one else was, including her negligent owners. She decided to stop by three days a week to feed the sweet pup.

Unfortunately, when she called Animal Control they gave her the news that there was nothing they could really do, since the dog technically did have food and shelter. This made the woman quite sad, but didn't stop her from wanting to help take care of this poor pup. After feeding the dog for over an entire year, the woman called Animal Control again. This time she got good news! Animal Control was able to take her away from her owners who were not properly taking care of her. The woman promised to watch, care, and love this dog, and now this incredible pup has a loving home to enjoy forever.


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