Cezar (V111), Explosive Detector Dog: Paws of Honor

Cezar (V111), Explosive Detector Dog, was stationed at Norfolk Naval Base, Virginia from 2014-2015 and then transferred to Yorktown Naval Weapons Station, Virginia from 2015-2019 before he retired. Cezar is a ten-year-old German Shepard.  


Cezar’s primary job was to detect explosives.  He loved his job, and his personality drew people to him.  He is a big love bug. He received the nickname “Landshark” because he is always walking around with his mouth open reaching out to grab people’s hands for them to touch him.  


Cezar would search piers, vehicles, barracks, buildings, roadways, open areas, and warehouses. He was able to work one mission with the Secret Service before his retirement for the President of the United States. Cezar was a great demonstration dog especially for younger children.  


Cezar was retired due to osteoarthritis in his rear hind legs.  


Cezar loves to play with his toys and receive treats.  He loves to lay outside and sunbath. He loves to go for car rides, short walks and to be scratched on his belly.   

There is a bond between a handler and dog as the team comes together. As time goes by the bond becomes stronger.  Being able to work with your K9 and then bring him home to retire is the greatest pleasure. 

Cezar, sadly, passed away in July of this year, just a few days before he was able to try out his brand new Big Barker bed. We are so grateful that Cezar’s handler gave him such an incredible life filled with adventures and love.


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