What is Big Barker's Mission?

Big Barker prides ourselves in our continued mission to ensure our dogs know that they’re loved and appreciated. Our journey first began with our founder, Eric Shannon, and his best friend Hank. Hank was the most adorable 12-week-old pup when Eric first saw him. "Here comes Hank, barreling down the stairs. Twice the size of his brothers, sprinting towards them, crashing into them headfirst, sending them tumbling across the carpet, stopping briefly to squat and pee on the rug, then he was off again to chase a cat around the house. I knew right then…. this was my main man." Eric and Hank were inseparable every since that first day in 2004.

Hank and Eric sit on a chair

Fast Forward to 2005, when Eric and Hank were informed of devastating news. Hank needed a new hip. Despite his young age, he was already showing early signs of Hip Dysplasia. "Many large dogs live in constant pain due to this and other joint conditions like arthritis, degenerative joint disease, or complications from earlier injuries. Saddest of all, research has shown dogs have evolved over thousands of years to hide their pain, so not to show weakness to predators." Day after day, our pets suffer in silence. 

Picture of Hank, the Original Big Barker

Eric was presented with two options. Undergo gruesome surgery, or do EVERYTHING to keep pressure off of Hank's Hips. This includes careful exercise, reducing his weight gain, and not letting him sleep on hard surfaces. "I spent a TON of time shopping and researching dog beds, but couldn’t find anything that actually felt like a “real bed” that would protect Hank’s hips." Thus, the mission of Big Barker was formed:

Create a superior dog bed made to serve the special support needs of BIG dogs!

Hank and Eric pose for a picture together

Eric contacted the premier foam manufacturer in the country and together they worked to construct a REAL bed for your dog.

Our mission is backed by three core values that drive everything that we do:

“Only American Made is good enough for our dogs”

Every Big Barker is made in our brand new facility, right here in Reading, Pennsylvania. Our key ingredient? Super supportive and durable American made foam. We wouldn’t have it any other way because you and your dog deserve the very best. We do not stop there. Our covers are the highest quality in the industry to ensure that our beds will last a lifetime. 

"Be the easiest company to do business with”

It starts with our 1 year risk-free trial of our product, but it doesn’t end there... Because we’re a small and friendly company of passionate dog lovers, you’ll always get quick help from an actual human who cares about the happiness of you and your dog! And most importantly of all, we will always insist on giving your money back if you’re not 100% thrilled with your order. Our beds also come with a 10-Year No Flatten Guarantee!  If your beds flattens or sinks at all, we will replace it at no cost. 

“Help dogs in need whenever possible”

Every dog needs to know they’re special, loved and deeply appreciated. So we make it our business to give back in a big way to big dogs across America. It’s our honor to gift Big Barkers to dogs who serve our country and communities with bravery and valor; dogs who give strength and companionship to wounded veterans; dogs who need a speedy recovery after a stressful surgery; and dogs in desperate need of their forever home.

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