Does Big Barker Offer Any Other Colors?

Big Barker beds are specially designed to support large dogs and their joints, but they also look great in a home! That's why we've carefully selected four colors that are sure to look good in any space.

Check out our four standard colors:

1. Charcoal Gray
Charcoal Gray Big Barker

2. Khaki
Khaki Big Barker

3. Burgundy
Burgundy Big Barker

4. Chocolate
Chocolate Big Barker

Beyond these traditional Big Barker color offerings, we do occasionally run limited time cover colors. Past colors have included Navy, Pink, Champagne, Ice, Moss Green, and Black. Because these colors not part of our standard cover collection, it's important that you join our email list and follow us on social media platforms to be the first to know about any upcoming promotions, new product launches, and more!

Here's how to join the our email list:
Step 1: Head to
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Step 3: Click in the text entry area on the right under the header, "Subscribe to Our Newsletter".
Step 4: Enter your email address and hit subscribe.
Step 5: You're all set! Enjoy exclusive Big Barker news & updates!
How to Join the Big Barker Newsletter

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