Are Big Barker Beds Chew-Proof?

Our covers are made from a micro-suede fabric that’s normally used in high end couches, it’s chosen because it feels very soft to the touch, washes easily, and makes a bed that will look great in your house. It’s a strong material, much stronger than cotton, but it can be chewed through. Put it this way... if your dog could tear through a couch, they could through one of our beds too. We don’t recommend our beds for dogs with a history of destructive chewing.

However, we don't get many reports of chewed up beds. That's partially because we do a great job of hiding the zipper and sewing the seams properly, which eliminates some of the fun things to chew on! We find that dogs are less likely to chew into a big sturdy block of foam than a bag of fluff that can be nested and moved around. Additionally, our crate pads are made with Cordura Fabric, which is one of the most chew resistant materials (military grade) on the market.

Dog on Crate Pad Big Barker

Thus, our beds are not chew proof but if there's ever a tear, we gladly send out extra fabric if you'd like to patch the rip at no cost. Or we also do have replacement covers, which can be purchased under the accessories tab.

As always, if we can help assist or answer questions you may have, please reach out to our Customer Service team at or by calling 267-797-2547.

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