Olive's Journey | Big Barker Bed Edition

When we hear about dogs who continue to persevere through life, despite any hardship or challenges thrown their way, we are honored to share their stories. Meet Olive, a 3-year-old Great Dane, who was paralyzed from her neck down when she was only 4 months old.

When looking for her first dog, Avanti, was turned away because she was only 19 at the time. Since she wasn’t able to get a dog right then, she began researching breeds until the time came... that’s when she came across a picture of Olive. Avanti went from pursuing pups to putting down a deposit on Olive within an hour of seeing her! Unfortunately, it was not all smooth sailing for there.

"She went from literal zoomies one morning, to paralyzed by nightfall."

There were no indications of any illnesses that a non-vet could notice. When they had her at the vet the Friday before she was paralyzed, they didn't notice either. They did every test, every scan, and took her to every specialist possible and no one could identify what the cause was.

Olive & Avanti

As the good dog owner she is, Avanti wanted to make sure Olive had the best support she could as she continued to grow. She had first heard about Big Barker from Olive's massage therapist who recommended it to her a few years prior.

Since having the bed, Avanti noticed that Olive is finally comfortable and has plenty of room to stretch out. Because of her size, she had trouble finding a bed that was made specifically for Giant breed dogs. Her Big Barker is the first bed Olive has had where she has room to do a full 360° and more! Since she spends 90% of her days laying on her bed, it’s vital that she has enough room to roll around and twist, which she now finally has the ability to do.

Did you know? Big Barker beds are specially engineered to help dogs with joint conditions? Click here to learn more.


Because of Olive's health issues, she is not able to sit or slowly lay down like other dogs. Instead she "plonks" down on her bed because it is the easiest way for her to do it. With her old beds, Olive would basically fall straight to the floor, only hurting her joints more. But her Big Barker stays plump and supports her, keeping her joints far away from the floor. When Olive flips herself to her weak side, it is usually a fast flip and she comes down hard. Olive's mom tells us that "it is clear with this bed those flips aren't hurting since she is now longer pushing through to the floor!"

Olive on her Big Barker Bed

Olive's mom knows that bigger dogs are more prone to joint and mobility issues and is taking a proactive approach with preventive measures to help offset those natural issues or even push them off further. Preventive measures prolong lives!

Olive Walking with her wheelchair

We are continually inspired by Olive! Thank you to the Fernandes family for sharing her story with us. 

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