Will Massage Help my Dog's Arthritis?


Will Massage Help Your Dog's Arthritis?

I love massage. That's what started the whole Canine Arthritis Management online empire, is that I suddenly realized that these little dandies (your hands), are very, very powerful. What I love about massage is that generally, if you're pretty wise to how your dog's behaving and what they're saying to you, you can't do any harm. If you're massaging your dog and they're looking at you going, "Oh no" or they get up to move away, or they roll over and they turn away, then back off because it's not comfortable. So long as you work with your dog, it's pretty, pretty safe.


A Canine Arthritis Treatment You Can Do At Home

What I love also about canine massage is that dog owners can do it. So there's me, your vet, I'm prescribing you your medication. I'm helping you work out how painful your dog is. I'm trying to get the weight right. But I can then send you away and say, "Yes he's carrying a lot of tension in his neck because his back end is quite painful. So he's throwing his weight forward. So he's got a lot of tension in his neck and shoulders. A good massage would be great for easing that tension and making them a lot more comfortable. It's also a brilliant bonding experience for you and your dog. Why do we have dogs? Because they're our best mates. What's the best thing to do? Massage your best mate.


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