Bandit's Improved Senior Years with His Big Barker Bed

Bandit is a Golden-Lab, who will be 14 years old in May! Born into a litter of 13 puppies, Bandit was adopted at just 6 weeks old.  His family still remembers standing in the yard watching 12 puppies running around playing only to look down and see the 13th puppy, the cutest little bundle of fur, sitting on their feet, or now better known as Bandit!

Bandit sitting and smiling

Bandit was an incredibly healthy pup. To this day, the 14-year-old is still healthy and enjoying his senior years. While his overall health is well, his family noticed he was uncomfortable laying for long periods of time and was taking the steps up and down a little slower. Seeing an otherwise healthy dog slow down like this started Bandit’s family in the search for the best comfort and support possible, which led them in the search for a new bed for Bandit!

At the time, his family had taken two "regular" pet beds and put them together in hopes of getting more support for him, but what they found was that those beds just sank down in the middle under his weight and created a divot. A Google search led them to Big Barker! "We were apprehensive about the cost of a Big Barker at first, but the fates were with us and we ended up getting him the Headrest Edition." When the bed arrived, Bandit wasn't quite sure what to think of his new bed, but as soon as they took it out of the box and put it in the place of his old bed, he gingerly stepped on top of it and sat down. It did not take him long to grow quite accustomed to his new bed!

Bandit sleeping on his Big Barker bed

In the short amount of time since having the bed, his family has noticed he is sleeping better, and even snores when he gets into a deep sleep, which we find endearing! He has even more energy than before, and is bounding up and down the steps like hasn't done in over a year. At almost 14 years old, he acts like his old "puppy" self, amazing!

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"As the family of a big dog, we feel it is important to know that an investment in a good bed is very important and I don't know of any better bed than Big Barker! We wish we had done it sooner for Bandit, but we know his Golden years can be spent in comfort now! We are so very happy we decided to get a Big Barker bed!"

Bandit laying on his back on his Big Barker

Thank you to Bandit and family for sharing his story with us!

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